30 04, 2013

Tooth Brushing Troubleshooting

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It can be incredibly frustrating for a parent to be told by the dentist to brush their kids’ teeth for two minutes twice a day and then face the reality of a non-cooperative child at home. We understand – really, truly we do! We want to help you establish a healthy routine for your children, so let’s brainstorm some troubleshooting tactics for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! Babies really like to stick things in their mouth, [...]

31 03, 2013

Brushing Basics for Babies and Kids

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WHEN TO START: It is important to start the brushing routine as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears. It doesn't hurt to start the routine before you see the first tooth since bacteria are already moving into your baby’s mouth. HOW TO START: If you’re baby still has a toothless grin, just wrap a soft washcloth around your finger and wipe gently along the gums after each feeding or twice a day. Once that first tooth [...]

28 02, 2013

The Parade of Teeth

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It’s an exciting thing to see your baby’s first teeth! However, many parents upon seeing the first teeth of their first child will ask, “Are those teeth supposed to come in first? Are my baby’s teeth normal?” There is one important thing that every parent needs to remember: “Every child is different.” That being said, let’s go over the common order that teeth emerge. Most children get their lower central incisors first – those are [...]

31 01, 2013

Go for the Gold!

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February is National Children's Dental Health Month and this year’s theme is “GET A GOLD MEDAL SMILE”. Our office wants to celebrate along with the American Dentistry Association by helping your child make sure their smile is worthy of a gold medal! Wouldn't it be great if your child brushed and flossed their teeth with the same enthusiasm as an athlete training for the Olympics? We think so! Sometimes, you just need something fun to get [...]

31 12, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Kids’ Teeth

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A new year is on its way! All of us adults have decided to join a gym or eat less chocolate to keep ourselves healthier in the year to come. We tend not to worry about our kids because they’re still ahead of their prime! They have active little bodies, bright white teeth, and lots of time before they have to worry about their health . . . right? Actually, keeping those baby teeth healthy [...]

28 11, 2012

Protecting Your Kids’ Teeth with Xylitol

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As a parent, you may have heard of schools that give out sugar-free gum to help reduce cavities among their students. Or maybe you’ve heard about a sugar substitute that actually protects teeth. That sugar substitute is xylitol and it really does reduce the chances of cavities. Of course, the simple act of removing sugars from a child’s diet which reduce the chances of cavities. Offering xylitol gum as a replacement to another sweet snack [...]