28 05, 2023

The Importance of Baby or Primary Teeth

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While baby teeth may seem unimportant since they eventually fall out, they play a critical role in a child's oral health and development. Baby teeth serve as placeholders for permanent teeth, helping to guide them into their proper positions. Without these placeholders, permanent teeth may emerge misaligned or crowded, which can cause issues with speech, chewing, and overall oral health. Baby teeth also play a role in speech development, as they help children learn to [...]

15 02, 2019

Chewing Gum- Helpful or Harmful?

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Kids loves chewing gum. They anticipate the age where mom or dad says it is ok to start chewing gum without the fear of choking. When it comes to chewing gum, it is the type of gum that really make the difference in whether it is helpful or harmful to your teeth. If the gum you choose contains sugar, than you are essentially giving your teeth a bath of sweetness. This can invite those pesky [...]

15 02, 2019

Children’s Dental Health Month

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If you asked a pediatric dentist what their favorite month of the year was, my guess is most would say February. Why February? Well, for starters, it has been designated as National Children's Dental Health Month. All over the United States, pediatric dental offices increase their outreach during this time. They visit with local school children and educate them and their parents about good oral health. Some communities even participate in Give Kids a Smile [...]

14 01, 2014

Give Kids a Smile Day

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Here comes February! It’s one of our favorite months since it is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Whoohoo! One of our favorite days is also coming: GIVE KIDS A SMILE DAY on February 7 Without fail, our team takes part in Give Kids a Smile Day every year since we opened. It is a day for dentists across the country and their communities to provide dental services to underserved children. The American Dental Association estimates [...]

31 01, 2013

Go for the Gold!

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February is National Children's Dental Health Month and this year’s theme is “GET A GOLD MEDAL SMILE”. Our office wants to celebrate along with the American Dentistry Association by helping your child make sure their smile is worthy of a gold medal! Wouldn't it be great if your child brushed and flossed their teeth with the same enthusiasm as an athlete training for the Olympics? We think so! Sometimes, you just need something fun to get [...]