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Dr. Sahouria and the team at Sahouria Pediatric Dentistry are specifically trained to care for children and teenagers as well as those patients with special needs.

They are able to take care of the simplest to the most complex dental procedures required in pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Sahouria never forgets that attached to each tooth is a child. She is very aware that at the same time she is doing a filling she is also molding a child’s lifelong attitude toward dentistry. Our team tries to make the visit as positive and enjoyable as we can. Dr. Sahouria uses confidence-building techniques such as positive reinforcement, “tell-show-do”, and desensitization.

Occasionally a child may be very apprehensive, be very young or have many dental needs. These are indications for utilizing sedation of some form. The various levels of sedation offered include:

  • Nitrous Oxide: “laughing gas” is breathed in through a nose mask and relaxes your child; an extremely safe way to treat the slightly apprehensive child or perform longer procedures
  • Conscious Sedation: Dr. Sahouria received extra training to safely administer conscious sedation; in this procedure a sedative is given 30 to 60 minutes before the appointment; your child remains awake but is very relaxed, allowing treatment to be done on a very apprehensive child
  • General Anesthesia: your child is completely asleep; an anesthesiologist administers the medication in our office with portable equipment. This is used on patients with special needs or uncooperative or medically compromised children, 

Whether your child needs a cleaning and a 6 month check up or a more complex dental procedure, Sahouria Pediatric Dentistry is your complete dental care resource for toddlers to teens and special needs patients.

Dental Procedures

Dr. Sahouria strives to stay current in the world of pediatric dentistry. We offer

  • Digital x-rays (we use them sparingly
  • Regular cleanings with fluoride treatment (as requested)
  • White “bonded” composite fillings
  • Nerve treatments and crowns (porcelain or zirconia/white crowns as well as stainless steel / silver crowns)
  • Extractions and space maintainers to keep room for permanent teeth
  • Orthodontics (SoCo Dental Specialty Group is our board certified orthodontic group in our building. They provide full braces & Invisalign orthodontics.)
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride – an alternative to traditional fillings. This antimicrobial liquid helps arrest tooth decay and aids in buying us time until a child is ready for treatment.
  • Lip Tie and Tongue Tie Revision procedures for infants and children with lip or tongue tie. (We use a diode laser to quickly free the tongue so a newborn or infant can properly latch and feed.)

Please call or email us with any questions on the services we offer. We are happy to answer your questions! 

Children with Special Needs

Dr. Sahouria enjoys seeing patients with special needs and will tailor each office visit to best suit your child’s needs. Please let our team know in advance if there is anything specific we should know about your child. Many children with disabilities can be treated in an office setting.