February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and this year’s theme is “GET A GOLD MEDAL SMILE”. Our office wants to celebrate along with the American Dentistry Association by helping your child make sure their smile is worthy of a gold medal!

Wouldn’t it be great if your child brushed and flossed their teeth with the same enthusiasm as an athlete training for the Olympics? We think so! Sometimes, you just need something fun to get the message across to your kids that their teeth really are that important. The ADA has provided some fun activities that you can find at the following links:


Give your kids these activity pages and, while they’re coloring, ask them a few questions . . .

What makes a gold medal smile?

What can you do to make your smile worthy of a gold?

Why is healthy food important for your teeth?

Why is Buck protecting his teeth with a mouth guard?


You will probably get some funny answers to your questions! It’s okay if they don’t have the right answers, as long as it sparks a conversation. If you show genuine interest in it, then your kids will know the health of their teeth is important and they will learn from you!

You can carry the message over from play time to brushing time by hanging their coloring pages up in the bathroom. You can also hang up some kid-friendly brushing and flossing instructions.

When they’ve brushed and flossed their teeth to gold medal standards, present them with their very own GOLD MEDALS! After all, you know that those smiles are worth it.

For bonus fun, bring them in for a regular check-up! What better way to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Special Thanks to our blog writer Susan Akers!