This blogger is a mom with a kid about to start kindergarten. While looking up some basic info on my daughter’s soon-to-be school’s webpage, I noticed a post in the side bar about a new policy banning foods with high sugar content. I smirked at that policy because I already have pretty strict sugar rules for my kids. You won’t find any soda around here, no sirree. The candy is doled out in tiny portions, washed down with water, and always followed by good dental hygiene habits. The highest sugar content will be in the fresh fruit I pack in their lunches. I thought I had this all covered, but then I noticed the specific example they gave: “The typical cupcakes parents often brought to school in celebration of their children’s birthday will no longer be allowed.” I about fell over in shock. The sugar police have gone crazy! Who bans birthday cupcakes??? And more to the point, what will I bring to my child’s birthday that happens mere weeks after the start of the school year?!
Well, hey, I can’t be the only mom out there facing this dilemma. I bet your kids’ schools are moving this direction soon, if they haven’t already. So here’s a few fabulous ideas I found on the web to replace those sugary treats but keep the birthday fun:

1. Buy something really cool for the classroom, like a game or class pet (ask the teacher first, of course).
2. For those techie classrooms, consider a gift card for apps and games.
3. Play a game, make a craft, or read a special book (again, ask the teacher about this first)
4. Have all the kids sign a t-shirt or pillow case for the birthday kid.
5. Homemade CDs with your kid’s favorite songs
6. Goodie bags or party favors. Some popular ideas: pencils, trading cards, weird little erasers that look like food, balloons, bracelets that make shapes . . . whatever these whipper-snappers are into these days!

These basic ideas were helped along by the “Non-food ideas for Birthday Celebrations at School” document found at

Special thanks to our blog writer Susan Akers