If your child needs a crown on a tooth, Dr. Jamie can now provide you with the option of white crowns in place of the standard stainless steel crown. While front teeth white crowns are common, newer back teeth white crowns are now available. Made of durable zirconia, these crowns are not only strong, they are beautiful! 

A crown is usually used to cover a tooth that has a very large filling. Perhaps the decay damage to the tooth is too much to leave it sturdy enough for normal chewing after the decay is cleaned out and filled. The crown is like a cap that slides over the tooth and is cemented in place, covering it completely. It gives the tooth shape and strength. A crown placed on a baby tooth will fall out along with the tooth, allowing the adult tooth to grow in naturally and normally.

A stainless steel crown is very common, especially for back teeth, because it is durable. Of course, the silver color of a stainless steel crown is very noticeable, which most kids and parents would rather avoid.

Dr. Jamie understands that everyone, even kids, want to have a white smile! She will help you decide if a white crown will be a good option for you and your child.