If Vampires were real, which teeth would be their fangs? Most people would guess their canines because those are the pointy teeth on either side of our four front incisors. The canines do seem to be the teeth of choice for most vampire fans out there, but forums are filled with arguments about this little detail!
For the parental generation, a few of our favorite vampires from the classic Lost Boys to the newer True Blood have their fangs on the lateral incisors, with just the two front incisors between them. Why would costume artists choose that location? Was it due to in-depth research into vampire mythology? Nah, it is just easier for the audience to see. True Blood’s creator, Alan Ball, also liked the snakelike appearance it gave his characters – chilling!
So what if a person wanted to turn their teeth into fangs . . . In this crazy world, there are actually several options.
A person could file their teeth (or hire someone to do it). Filing means that part of the tooth is worn away to create the new shape. Once it is done, it can never be undone, much like a tattoo. Keep in mind that our teeth are not dead and nerveless like our nails. On the outside is the enamel, which is the tooth’s first defense against infection, like cavities. Inside the tooth is living tissue with nerves, which means it can feel pain. Filing away the enamel and exposing the inside of a tooth is a pretty risky business. Sensitivity and a heightened risk of cavities will be the big risks, so we don’t advise this option. However, some would argue that it has been done in many cultures throughout human history. Just make sure you do your homework and make a decision you can live with PERMANENTLY.
A much safer option, although costly, is to have caps placed on your teeth by a cosmetic dentist. They can be shaped the way you like and removed when you get tired of them. The placement of pointy caps will affect your speech and your ability to bite and chew your food. They can also get knocked loose and be accidentally swallowed, like a filling. Otherwise, they are very safe and don’t do damage to your teeth., other than the fact that the tooth is filed down permanently!
Our favorite option: costume teeth. Those are the ones you stick in your mouth right before the Halloween Party and take out right before you brush your teeth at bedtime! Very temporary, very low risk, and painless! For the vampire enthusiasts, there are even high-end costume teeth that can be molded especially for your mouth. All you have to do is google “vampire teeth” and you’re on your way!
Here is another good discussion of the options for having your own vampire teeth: http://www.vampires.com/want-real-fangs-ask-your-dentist/

Special thanks to our blog writer Susan Akers!